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Daud Mollel and Gladness Kotoroi "Application Of ICT On Marketing Of Crops Processing Performance"

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Daud Mollel and Gladness Kotoroi "Application Of ICT On Marketing Of Crops Processing Performance"Смотреть
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  • издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • ISBN: 9783659137815
  • год издания: 2012
  • количество страниц: 72

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Daud Mollel and Gladness Kotoroi
Год издания
Количество страниц
72 шт.
While there is an increasing agreement that ICT applications have positive effects on the performance of marketing functions, the extent of these effects are difficult to measure and are assessed differently by different stake holders of organisations. This study aim was to find out the effects of ICT applications on the performance of crops processing industries using Universal Leaf Tanzania as a case study. A total of175 employees were randomly sampled and 15 active customers were select. Data was collected using questionnaires, face-to-face interviews and observations. A t-test to find out how does service managers and employees assess the effects of ICT application on marketing the performance. Regression analysis employed to find out how significant is ICT on the marketing mix performance. It was found that there is a mismatch of understanding of the effects of ICT on the performance of marketing function elements between service managers and employees. Applications of ICT do not have an impact on the performance of marketing function elements. Satisfaction differs from those of customers implying the two parties have different perception on the performance of marketing fun
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Crops Processing Marketing
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